About Brian Allen Ray

A limited wanderer, part-time poet, full-time Buddhist, LO-Fi Fotogrpahy hobbiest. Spent the last eight years working in and traveling around Asia as an high school EFL teacher. Got started thinking about this LO-FI angle after I bought an old-old Polaroid that shot out mysterious pictures due to it being broken. Out of the 10 in Washington D.C. one turned out great (look for that post). The whole idea of spontaneous effects struck me. But always low on cash I never bought a real camera. Then when I went off to Asia my family got me a cheapy digital that I used, and still have. I rarely got random effects but looked for spontaneous snaps. Then in Japan I got a wicked fone-cam that takes great pics. It was my first really portable camera, and that with me I began to look for "haiku" shots while Urban Hiking. Then, just before I left Asia I bought my first LO-FI decent camera, SONY DSC-H50 and am trying to figure it out.

Photography Equipment

Kodak EasyShare CX7300
Docomo P506iC fone-cam
Sony CyberShot DSC-H50